Hello my friends,

Here is my predicament:

It’s been 2 months since I have heard from my contact in local law enforcement, “Bill Rockland.”  His last email said, “I can tell you things are being investigated.  I am hoping for resolution soon.”

A few days ago, I wrote him the following email:

It’s been about 2 months since I have heard from you.  Certainly, there’s been some progress in 2 months.  What can you tell me?

“Bill,” how much longer do I have to worry that I am doing the wrong thing by putting my complete faith and trust in you, that you have alerted Homeland Security and Interpol to this huge National Security situation, because any day “Royce” could realize that he could be making a lot more money by bringing in terrorists instead of girls?   How much longer do I have to fear for my son’s safety, by trusting that you are in the process of arranging my and his federal protection?

Please provide me with some concrete and substantial information.


So, I want the thoughts and ideas of the general public.  On the one hand, it’s been a year and a half, isn’t it about time for arrests, if indeed there has been an investigation?  Maybe Bill is just stringing me along, for some unknown purpose.  Maybe he thinks I will just go away.  Plus, I have heard lots of talk about the inefficiency of the cops and of Homeland Security.  Maybe there has been and is an investigation, but the cops are simply incompetent.  Or, maybe they are all being paid off?

On the other hand, maybe he’s telling the truth when he told me to be patient, that an investigation into such major allegations takes a long long time, that the FBI needs to make an airtight case that won’t be thrown out of court on a technicality.

If MSNBC gets back to me, I will have a decision to make.  Do I give them all the information, including the real names, and let them investigate?  They might blow the federal investigation, assuming there is one.    IF there isn’t one, or if the investigation is just a few agents who look at the file once in a while then throw it back on their desks, then it would be a good thing for MSNBC to investigate, and their investigation could prod the cops into making arrests.

What do you think?????

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My father gave me something today to use in my hearing against “Talia.”

In May, 2008, “Talia” called my father to ask him about a life insurance application which she had just filled out.  My father told her to fax it to him, which she did.

He’s kept it for me for a year and a half.

This application, signed by her 5/19/08 contains 3 very interesting items:

1)  beneficiaries.  She has 3 beneficiaries, her father, her mother,and her brother.  WHERE’S HER SON?????????????
2)  in the spot named “dependents” she states NONE
3)  she entered financial information.  She entered that she has $100,000 in net worth, $30,000 in cash and $70,000 in stocks.  WHAT????  SHE’S BEEN SAVING $20,000 EACH YEAR OF HER 5 YEARS IN RESIDENCY, AND HAS PAID $0 IN CHILD SUPPORT DURING THAT TIME??????????????

Needless to say, I faxed it right away to my lawyer.

Can anyone say “slam dunk”?


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Would you believe it?   8 years after pretty much abandoning Johnny to focus on becoming a doctor (with the resultant money), “Talia” called the other night and said that she “was lonely”  living in San Diego, where she is working on her third medical residency program, so she was taking me to court to attempt to get custody of Johnny.  I was floored, and Johnny was in hysterics.

So, now I have to borrow money to hire a lawyer to fight her.  I am optimistic that the Judge will not take Johnny from his family, (his uncles and cousins), his school, and the person who raised him, me.

I also will have a lot to tell the Judge about Talia’s psychological problems, and her total lack of parenting experience.

If you are interested to read about my marriage to Talia, and why I divorced her, it’s all in the first 3 chapters of DUPLICITY.

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Last night I did my first radio interview.  A 50,000 watt radio station in St. Louis, KMOX, wanted to talk with me.  The host and I had a nice chat.  He was shocked, as I think all the interviewers are going to be, when he heard my story.

I have another radio interview set for next Tuesday, on a satellite radio network which is syndicated on 163 stations.  This interview will be for a whole hour.  Stay tuned.

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Over the last few months, I’ve been concerned about Bob Thompson and his young son Tommy.  In July, Bob called and told me he was going to try, one more time, to pry Tommy away from his sociopath mother.  He filed for a hearing to request the judge allow him to relocate to Connecticut with Tommy.  Well, as we read in Chapter 25 of DUPLICITY, this judge, despite all the evidence to the contrary, was, how shall I put it, less than bold in his previous ruling in Bob’s custody case.

So, I emailed Bob’s lawyer and begged him to be aggressive at the hearing, to bring out the evidence of Audrey’s criminal life, not simply to detail Audrey’s continued inability to co-parent, along with the bad job market in Florida, as the reasons to allow Bob to leave the state.  I asked him to use all the evidence I, and my private investigators, had uncovered, along with the shocking new evidence I had only recently uncovered (see Chapter 28).

Well, as it turns out, my evidence wasn’t used, nor, luckily, was it needed.

Bob called me today with the news.  Here’s how it went:

Audrey had subpoenaed, and her first witness was, the head of Tommy’s school.  She testified that Audrey several times had come to the school to try to pick up Tommy on days she was not supposed to, becoming violent and therefore prompting the school to call the police.  She testified about the negative relationship between Tommy and Audrey when she did see them together.

This was Audrey’s witness.  As has happened before, in Audrey’s demented mind, this person was going to tell about how great a mother she was.

Bob testified next, and provided the court in great detail Audrey’s numerous violations of the custody agreement which the judge had put in effect only months earlier.

Then Audrey testified, and, as in my divorce trial from her (Chapter 23), every word out of her mouth was a lie.

During her cross examination, Bob’s lawyer effectively proved to the court Audrey was lying.

After closing arguments, the judge ruled.

He approved Bob’s relocation, and, in the most stunning moment, stated:  “I am totally astounded how Ms. Munson continues to lie under oath.”

Bob left with Tommy to Connecticut the next day.  Tommy will be able to lead a normal life.

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Finally, my story can be told.  If you are a member of Royce’s organization, do not buy my book, as you will learn that your days of freedom are numbered.  Everyone else, if you want to read an amazing story, dig into DUPLICITY.

You will not be disappointed.

You’ll read not only about Audrey Munson, her deceit and crimes, but also about how I took control of my life.

If you are in a relationship where you feel less than empowered, well, no-one was less empowered than me by Audrey, and  hopefully my actions will give you strength to empower yourself.

If you want to read about one little guy, who, with little resources, through sheer guts and perseverence, became the catalyst for the bringing down of a huge national, and international, crime organization, then read DUPLICITY.

Just click the link on the home page that says “buy duplicity,” and you will be taken to Amazon.com

If you have questions or comments, come back here and post them, and I’ll be sure to answer.  I know your first question will be, “I don’t believe it.  Is this really true?”  The answer to that one is a resounding YES, EVERY WORD.


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