Hi everybody,

1)  Still working on getting the movie made based on my book.  Things are progressing at a fast pace, which is all that I can tell you.


2)  Still working on getting Duplicity into bookstores, which will increase awareness of trafficking.

3)  Check out this article:  RI House approves hiking sex trafficking penalties http://fw.to/AuDyedF

When I read it, since I am from Rhode Island originally, I called  the sponsor of the bill, Representative Doreen Costa. We had a good conversation, and I emailed her over 20  pieces of evidence of Royce’s international trafficking operation.  Let’s all hope she will use her connections and GET THIS RING BUSTED. Bring justice to Royce, Audrey and all their sleazy associates.

Also, I emailed Giselle Rodriguez, from the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking.  I had emailed her all the trafficking evidence a while back.  I sent her another email asking for an update.  Here is her reply:  Yes I passed this into my law enforcement contacts. However, I have not been updated on this situation. This is common and I usually do not hear from them… this is the hardest part of these types of cases. The waiting.

I got an email from Andy Fraser. Andy is the founding member of the 70’s group FREE and the writer of “All Right Now.”  Andy is spearheading a GLOBAL ROCK CONCERT called Rock Against Trafficking to raise money for anti-trafficking efforts.  Here’s the link:  http://bit.ly/1nAqarB   I am honored that Andy wants me to write a synopsis of DUPLICITY for the liner notes of the CD.  I also might be giving a short talk about Duplicity and the Chronicles to the audience at the concert, which will be beamed worldwide.  Why me?  Well, I guess I do have the distinction of being the only person to uncover a #sextrafficking ring, LED BY HIS WIFE.  I will be talking about DUPLICITY and THE CHRONICLES and how the movies  made from them will INCREASE PUBLIC AWARENESS of #sextrafficking,  and how we’re going to BRING DOWN #sextrafficking rings, starting with the one I uncovered in Chapter 22 of Duplicity.

I urge everybody to visit their site, read about the concert, which will take place on July 13, 2015, the 30th anniversary of Live Aid, and donate to their charitable sponsors.



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