Hello everybody,

I want everybody to know that our goal here is to create a million-person community that will speak as one voice to governments all over the world, demanding that they do something about the horrors of child sex trafficking.

If you want to help in our efforts, feel free to reply to this blog, or email me directly at paultgoldman@gmail.com with your ideas or comments.



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Feel free to reply to the posts on this blog with your comments about "Double Wife | Double Life" or "The Chronicles," or email me at paultgoldman@gmail.com.
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  1. debbie g says:

    i just finished Duplicity—- OMG…. THAT AUDREY – hope she frys in hell…. what a low life! and at first i thought how stupid paul was and naive… but then he finally got it and took charge. thank goodness!! I just bought The Chronicles on kindle… getting ready to read it….. debbie g.

  2. Julie says:

    I am reading Duplicity on Kindle right now. I can’t put it down! Got little sleep last night because I stayed up reading.

  3. Lynn B. says:

    I started reading Duplicity last night on my kindle. Became more and more engrossed as I read further along until I gave up all hope of getting a good nights sleep. Reading Paul’s story was inspiring to me. Now I plan to google his name to see if I can find any more info on the internet about his story. I have several questions. :
    1. Did the police or fbi ever come through with the arrests of Royce Rocco and his gang?
    2. Was Audrey ever brought up on more charges? Has she continued her life of crime? Or is
    she in jail?
    3. This book was impossible to put down and, in my opinion, very well written, I’m curious if this
    is the first book written by Paul G.?
    4. Did Hollywood ever make a movie of this story?
    Congratulations Paul G. on your tenacity and your victory in the divorce. I hope that you and
    your son are doing well and I hope to read on the internet that you finally found love. (If not yet
    from one lucky woman, I am certain you have found love and support from your readers.)
    I now sign off to search the internet for more info on this story and to download the Chronicles.
    Best Regards,
    Lynn B.

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