I want to update everybody on the events of the last few weeks.

Like most people, I begin each day checking my email.  This day, along with the usual spam, I spied an email that made my heart beat just a little faster.   The subject was “Audrey Allen, formerly Audrey Goldman:”

My name is “Peter” and I think Audrey is dating my dad.  I’m concerned about him and from what I can tell this may be the same Audrey.  She has been dating him for about 6 months now, and has been demanding an engagement.  If possible, I’d like to know what you know about her and may have learned from husband #2.

I emailed Peter back the same day, telling him everything.  What Audrey was, and what she was really after:  his dad’s assets.  The next day, another email arrived, this time by someone named Michael:

Hi Paul.  Sorry to hear about all those calamities that your marriage to Audrey brought about.I have a friend that recently became entangled in this woman’s web.  However she is trying to convince him that she wants to change and become a good woman.  I’m trying to talk some sense into him, but he is infatuated and makes all kinds of excuses on her behalf.  Paul ,could you tell me how long you were together with Madame X before filing for Dissolution of marriage?  Plus are you presently divorced?

I emailed him back:

Dear Michael,

I hope you and I will be able to help your friend from making the biggest mistake of his life.

It’s funny, since you are wondering if I am divorced, I guess that Audrey doesn’t reveal that she has been married 3 times, the last two lasting only four months until the husbands separated from her.  I guess it doesn’t look too good on her resume.

I related to Michael my story, from beginning to end, and then I just had to comment about Audrey talking about change:

During her trial with husband #2, Bob Thompson, the court ordered her to be examined by a psychologist.  In her report, Dr. Templeton stated that Audrey was a sociopath and a pathological liar.  I tell you this because in your note, you say that Audrey is claiming to want to change.


Plus, someone making $10,000 a week is not suddenly going to give it up.  This is all she knows.  She is running a big business, and leading a very wild life.

What else would she do all day?

You can tell your friend that if he wants to lose half his assets that he has worked for all his life, and spend $100,000 or more in legal fees, then he should marry her.

As I had done for Peter, I emailed Michael copies of many of the exhibits we used in the trial as proof of my story.

A few days later, Michael replied:

Hi Paul.  I forwarded the e-mails to Paul last night.  He was supposed to come here, but we missed each other because I forgot to take my cell when I went out.  Paul’s son and his brother-in-law were at his home.  He reviewed some of the evidence last night and was still making excuses for her.    He also met her in the afternoon.  He said he just wanted to make her feel better, because she was crying over possible loss of custody battle for her kids.  I sure hope Peter can persuade him to let go.  I’m already blue in the face trying to make him see the light.  Last thing he said to me was “why can’t I just see her and have sex with her?”  I told him he has to make a clean break and get her out of his ID.  I’m done.  This has been tough on both me and my fiancee.  My fiancee was the first to befriend her when most of his other friends turned their back on her.  At the beginning, I too took a liking to her.  Paul seemed very happy.  Then he started to confide in us, and tell us that Audrey leaves the house for hours, and when she returns, she often has liquor on her breath.  When Paul asks her where she has been, she gets angry and says that she has been on “errands.”

My fiancee is very sick about all the lies and deceit from someone she thought was a good friend and confidant.  I see that Audrey leaves a lot of misery in her wake.  Not just the man she is after, she affects all those innocent around her, like a storm leaving damaged hearts in her wake.  I told Paul he should stay far ,far away from her.   Paul I really want to thank you for what you are doing.  There are a lot of other Paul’s out there who should be warned.  Be well…………Michael

So, Audrey’s newest victim was named Paul too.  I wondered what kind of person he was, and how similar to the man I was seven years ago he would be.  It wasn’t long before I had my answer.  A week after this email, I got a phone call from the man himself, Paul Carpenter, who had let Audrey move in with him barely a week after having met her.

At the beginning of our conversation, I really felt bad for him.  He was the typical Audrey prey.  His wife had died a  few years earlier, so he was lonely and vulnerable.  I now understood why Michael was unsure iif I had actually been married to Audrey.  She told Paul that we had simply dated for a short time.

Then, I asked Paul the most important question.

“Are you rich?”

His answer was shocking.  “No, I’m not,” he said.  “I own a home, but it is mortgaged to the hilt, and I make an average salary.  I do own six rental houses, however.”

That’s not rich according to Audrey standards.  Then why would she choose him? I asked myself.

I got my answer later in our conversation.  Audrey was suing Bob Thompson and Joe Munson in an attempt to regain full custody of their kids.  In order to convince the court that she has changed her lifestyle, she needed to be, at the minimum, engaged, if not married.

During our chat, my sympathy for Paul became less and less.  He told me he thought he could control her, and keep her away from his assets.  He said he just wanted to have sex with her.

I wished him luck.


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